Nimbus Drinking  - "Bottled Water Without The Bottle"

Our R.O.'s range in size from residential under the counter point of use to larger commercial units depending on application.

An under the counter Reverse Osmosis unit providing fresh drinking water.                 N-Series

Our residential unit is a four stage R.O. producing between 20-45 gallons of fresh drinking water per day depending on feed water quality and pressure.

                                                                    LP 40
A pump powered R.O. that can fit under the counter or in space next to the sink
Our LP system is a pump equipped version of our N-Series.  Its applications include offices with multiple users, higher capacity ice makers, and areas that have below average water pressure.  It produces between 50-100 GPD and utilizes 2-3 tanks all fitting in the cabinets underneath or next to the sink.

Specially equipped water cooler that has been adapted for use with R.O.'s
                   Water Coolers

Specially equipped hot & cold water coolers adapted for use with R.O.'s.  Extremely popular in offices eliminating the bottled water fuss and storage.

                                      Water Softener
Water Softener used to treat the natural hard water in West Texas.
We utilize a 48,000 grain salt exchange water softener to remove hardness in water at the point of entry into homes and businesses.


                                 Commercial Units

EE-1000 is a commercial sized reverse osmosis unit producing 500-1000 G.P.D. Industrial Size R.O. unit rated at between 100-300 G.P.D. of drinking waterHigher capacity R.O.'s and water softeners for restaurants, warehouses and other special applications are quoted on an individual basis.

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